I’m reading online that some people think that Jews dislike domestic pets. I must admit, for me, the way people think is fascinating and funny at the same time. This is especially funny because I’ve had a pet for 7 years now and it has never occurred to me that I might be doing something un-Jewish. No until now. Apparently, there are all kinds of theories why Jews don’t like dogs. This is kinda present in Hebrew literature. One blog post on Jews and pets mentions an example from “Only Yesterday” by the Nobel laureate Shmuel Yosef Agon wheret dogs turn into monstrous creatures, biting the protagonist to death. I mean, maybe the Nobel laureate was afraid of dogs, but saying all Jews are afraid because it’s mentioned in a book written by a Jewish author is absurd.


The blog goes on with the stories that many Jews who came from Europe have reservations for dogs, connecting this anxiety with the Nazi German officers who were training dogs to brutalize the prisoners. Why would we have anxieties from dogs that were used as a tool? I have anxieties about the Nazis. I can tell you that with certainty. But dogs? My dog sits next to me and laughs. What’s more, historically, Jews were shepherds and kept livestock. It’s a fact that shepherds love their dogs since they are essential for their everyday functioning. Another blog goes even further by looking into statements from the Torah and Talmud. Talmud Bava Kamma 80a states that certain types of dogs and cats keep the house free of vermin. The same blog states that the Talmud stipulates that dogs must be kept chained. Yet again, how can I keep this small and cute dog in front of me chained? The Talmud speaks about a time where dogs were used by shepherds, but it doesn’t mention that they were used for emotional support as well.


I don’t know. These arguments are really funny and blown out of proportion. It’s like saying that Jews don’t like dogs because my mother is allergic to dogs, ergo every Jew is allergic. But there’s a solution even for that. That’s why in our home we have a couple of air purifiers found here. It’s all good in my home now. We just love our puppy. Its energy is part of the energy of our home. I can’t even imagine my life without him. And since I am a Jew, can I now say that all Jews love dogs? Think about it.


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