From my young age I was always the odd man out. I never used to play by the rules. Some of the things I was good at were experimenting and exploring with a lot of new things, while at the same time I was writing. Even though it started as a hobby, I slowly started getting addicted to it. After some time, one of my friends suggested that I go ahead and write about things I was exploring. It would be killing two birds (or interests) with one stone.

I felt I was a great Idea and that is how I started Shearith Isreal, a blog for you. I like exploring cultures and traditions, new technology, great authors and trends across the globe. As a writer looking for ideas, almost everything interests me if it can turn into creative work.

Don’t be shocked. Lots of people do it to save time and just to keep one’s train of thought. Many, who dare to share, tell me that the john is the true oasis of their home. I get it. I am of the same ilk. It may be a small space, but it has a door that locks and you can be left alone. Forget the chores begging for completion and the many loose ends left undone. Forget that stupid TV show; it’s a repeat anyway.

Anywhere is a possible creative space and when you are on a roll, why stop now. As a writer, I firmly believe that I should stay engaged even during my “breaks.” I have finished a few projects on the porcelain throne rather than come back hours later with a dead brain.

Creativity is a precious commodity and once the chain is broken, it takes a lot to get it back. Remember, I said that I don’t play by the rules, so I do what is practical. Working through the call of nature is definitely one of the most pragmatic acts. When I lose it and become frustrated, I symbolically flush the bad ideas down the toilet and move on.

Where do you find inspiration? Is it sitting in the park on a bench watching the kids and dog walkers? Is it on the commuter train or bus amid the noisy morning crowd? Or perhaps it is in the coffee shop, at the movies or just sitting around at home. It makes sense that the best ideas come in the places most frequented. Need I say more!


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